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Instead of using costly fossil fuels to heat water it makes good sense to use solar power. The use of solar water heaters is quickly catching on as a practical way to supply hot water. And why not? It is an investment that in short time will pay for itself. Another benefit? Solar power is a clean non-polluting energy source that will help reverse the effects of global warming. In places like Lubbock, TX, where the sun shines most of the year, it is a benefit that should be taken advantage of. The use of fossil fuels to provide hot water is an unnecessary expense. Solar water heaters are available and its power source is free.

Solar Water Heater Installation in Lubbock

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It's certainly possible to execute on a do-it-yourself solar water heater project that makes your water hot and saves you money. However, the process is more complex than installing a traditional, gas or electric tank. Our team in Lubbock consists of licensed and insured experts who specialize in delivering trusted and affordable installation of all types of solar water heaters. Why do it on your own, when our pros can get the job done efficiently and correctly? Better yet, our labor and materials come with long warranties to give you peace of mind.

Lubbock Solar Water Heater Repair

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Generally, solar heaters come in two variations: passive and active. Active heaters use a pump that circulates water through solar collectors that heats it and sends it back to the tank. Passive heaters used convection instead of a pump to circulate water through the collector. Convection causes cold water to sink and warm water to rise. Regardless of what type of heater you own, repairs are needed from time to time. We can help. Our water heater repair specialists are skilled and experienced. They provide fast service so there is little down time with not having hot water in your home.

Professional Solar Water Heater Maintenance Throughout Texas

Rely on our steady team for all your solar water heater needs. We can help keep your system running optimally throughout the year so that you can have hot water on demand and save money on expensive utility bills. Feel free to set up a regular schedule of maintenance with our crew. Doing so will extend the life of your heater and help prevent costly repairs.

Why choose us?

We realize that you have many options when it comes to hiring a professional solar water heater contractor to install or repair a system for your home. A few of our competitors in the Lubbock area even have decent enough reviews on Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, Angie's List and other places online. So why us? Here's five good reasons:
  1. Our rates are low cost and keep money in your pockets.
  2. We work efficiently and on your schedule.
  3. Our pricing is transparent and honest ... no hidden fees here.
  4. Our free quotes come with no hassle or obligation.
  5. We're super friendly folks who work hard and are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Solar Water Heater Pros

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